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'Velcro' Jewellery

The velcro collection was created after a happy accident when developing a collection of body adornments at University. The pieces originally had free-falling nylon ends, that annoyingly stuck together every time I put them back in their box! After months of getting irritated  with this process I decided to use the unique properties of the strands and let them stick to their heart's content (just like Velcro), and so the jewellery was born. 
Each piece has between 120 - 500 hand formed ends which are then dyed and shaped. Both sides of the jewellery can be taken apart and stuck back together again to leave it either flat and tame, or pulled and played with to become very spiky and as crazy as you like! Nylon is very strong but has a beautiful weightless quality. It also lets the light flow through it, which can produce a wonderful vibrancy and subtle colour change.

Illustration by Nikita Austin 

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