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Carly Petitt-Taylor graduated from Brighton University with a First Class in Wood, Metal, Ceramics, & Plastics. Since then she has developed her work producing collection’s and limited edition ranges of wearable but unique handmade pieces.​
“I view the world through ant’s eyes. In a microscopic landscape, forests of moss, fungi growing on cheese, crystal like forms of mud & colours produced through shining dew drops are a few of my inspiration’s.​
Obsessed with multiples and collages of miniature forms, I work with a wide range of materials and processes pushing each medium to its limits. Predominantly working in plastics I also search for new materials and find monofilament, old plastic baskets, dental elastic and laminate flooring.​
I like materials to feel interesting and bring qualities like warmth & weightlessness and fragility & strength that the wearer can experience.​
My work is tactile and I encourage the wearer too manipulate and interact with the work, once handed over it is out of my control, I like that the work keeps evolving without me.”

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